Serenata: EntangledMature

Matthew. His eyes were the most interesting thing about him, in my opinion.  That is, aside from the mystery of his very existence. One was blue and the other was brown.


Curious question marks seemed to follow his every move.

I wondered yet again, where had his memories gone to?


I skidded to a stop, almost throwing Matthew to the ground.


“What, what, what?!” His arms flailed about as he attempted to stop his forward momentum.

Gee if he let go of my hand maybe that would solve the problem.

Physics, you dolt! I let go for him.

There was a split in the hall directly ahead, one corridor leading left, and the other right.

He leaned against the wall, stopping himself.


“Hey look – somebody wrote something here.” He pointed to a red arrow scrawled on the wall with crayon.


“What the hell?” I peered at it. Written beneath it were bold letters,


Come along Song!


“Dad,” I whispered, grinning happily.


“What? Your dad? What about your dad?”


“My last name is Song,” I pointed to the writing, “And only my dad would say ‘come along’ like that,”


“He sounds like a nutter,”


“He is.”


I followed the direction of the arrow, right, into the dimly lit corridor. There were no red lights or sirens down this way.

“You coming?” I glanced over my shoulder.

He pushed off of the wall, wincing, clutching his side.


“What’s wrong?” I walked back to him.

He shook his head, “My leg,”


I raised an eyebrow, “Yeah?” I pulled up his shirt before he could stop me.

A large gash ran across his stomach.

“Oh my,” I murmured.

“I got banged up when my ship crashed. Or at least….I think it was a ship,” He furrowed his brow, attempting to remember.


He pulled down his black tee and limped past me down the corridor – he didn’t get very far before he had to lean against the wall again.

“Matthew, it’s alright if you have to stop for a mo,” I patted his back.

“Thanks,” He promptly slid down the wall, sitting down on the cold white floor.


I sat down next to him. “How are we supposed to get out of here?” He asked, his eyes flickering about worriedly.


“If my Dad was here, then he has a plan,” I told him quietly.


It was bloody cold down here.

I shivered, rubbing my hands together.

Matthew wrapped his arms around me.


“What are you doing?” I laughed, looking up at him.

He rested his chin on the top of my head, “Keeping you warm,”


I laughed, leaning into him gently. Within moments we found ourselves tangled up together, lying against the wall.


Is this what love felt like? I thought briefly.


“How’s your leg and all?” I whispered.

He kissed my neck making butterflies dance in my stomach, “It stopped hurting a long time ago.

I rolled over to face him.


“Want to do something cool?”


His eyeballs bugged out, “Are you mad?”

“No not that you idiot! Here just –” I placed my fingers on his nose and temples like I had seen my father do to mum all the time.


“What are you doing?” He smiled, closing his eyes.


I concentrated, delving into his mind. Where there should have been memories there was just – nothing. I frowned.

“Somebody’s been mucking about in here…”

“Yeah – you,”


“No silly…someone’s erased your memories,”


He opened his eyes, “Oh,” he looked like he was about to cry.

I knew how to cheer him up.


“You can read my mind if you like,” I batted my eyelashes flirtatiously.


“Really? I can do that?”


I laughed, “Of course you can. You’re like me,”


His hands were warm to the touch as he placed them on my face.

I gasped as I felt him enter my mind.

I flowed into him and him into me and we were one; entangled in body, mind, and soul.

The End

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