River: The Blame GameMature

I gave the Doctor a slight frown. "So a planet says hello and you abandon our daughter? Great." I was ready to rip into him.

"I left her directions to the TARDIS. So she has it. Isn't that enough? Besides, the planet attacked me, dragged the ship back down." He had dashed into the ship and by the time I had followed him in, he was darting around the empty room.

"Did you have an idea?" I stuck my head outside to look for Bellona - she didn't look terribly well. When I turned back, he was right in front of me, leaning towards me to look at what I was looking at. "Woah. You scared me then!"

"It's probably just her body getting confused." He muttered, moving over to a loose cable.

"Pardon?" I allowed my confusion to drift into my voice - big mistake.

"The ship she got here on was this one here. It travelled through time - my fault I'm afraid. I wanted to get back to a time before the planet had manifested itself as that sound but now that you've caught up with me, I must be back where I started." He stopped his high speed explanation and looked at me.

"What?" I asked, ready to defend myself.

"Is there something that you want to tell me?" He sounded suspicious and gave me what seemed like half of his attention - much more than normal.

I eyed him up. "Should there be?"

"Maybe." He seemed like he was hiding something - probably a theory that I wasn't going to like.

"Did you wake it up? Agitate the planet in one way or another?" I could feel his eyes breaking me down, trying to get to the heart of the matter.

"I made a localised sand storm a couple of minutes ago to scare Bellona into moving." I explained, offering him the device. He looked at me and I could see just a hint of disappointment.

"Not that." He murmured, throwing it back in my direction. I just about caught it, annoyed at how little care he had shown for it. He was tapping away at some terminal as I started to explore - I moved around the bodies, trying not to get too much blood on my clothes.

"Doctor." There was one body in particular that caught my attention.

"River." He sounded excited.

"This ship crashed yeah? With you on it?" I couldn't avert my gaze from the body.

"Yep. River, come look at this."

"Maybe later." I replied, noticing another couple of corpses that I really didn't like the look of.

"But this is important." He sounded adamant.

"Yeah well so is this. I think something weird is going on." I looked around - all of the bodies were the same now. But half of them hadn't been like that a minute ago.

I backed away, moving towards the entrance but there were more of them over there.

"Doctor!" I yelled, grabbing him on the shoulder and spinning him around. He smiled at me.

"What is it, River?" He said and I watched as his eyes filled with horror, as their youthful glow faded into an ancient sadness that scared me more than anything else.

A noise started to fill the air - it was like bees swarming but more mechanical. "Is it..." I started, not needing to finish when the Doctor nodded. It was the Static. The planet was coming back.

But this time it had an army. The bodies started to rise, little bits of sand dropping from them with every movement. They were all horribly disfigured - their faces, arms, legs, any part of exposed flesh had been scratched in a rough criss-cross pattern again and again. It looked like they were bodies of static interference with their remnants of humanity disappearing with every second.

The Static was breaking through, out from inside their bodies.

In seconds, we were surrounded by an army of them, bodies of pure static, like a swarm of insects taking the form of a person. Well, more like thirty people.


The End

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