Bellona: Those Time PeopleMature

What the hell was going on? I stared at Serenata's parents as they laughed whooped and hollered like banshees.

One moment, the Doctor had dissapeared in their weird blue box, and the next he was on a crashed ship - the ship I  had come here on!

It was bloody impossible...

Suddenly, everything began to make sense.

Two days ago, the pirates who had taken me from the space port had landed on a planet occupied by the one and only Madame Kovarian. It turns out, the pirates had been working for her. They were given instructions to search for something - on this dead planet.

I assumed they'd be mining for quartz. That's what most people look for on uninhabited desert planets.

There was this strange man...he had waved to me and called me by name.

And then he'd crashed our ship.

I'd taken the chance when we crashed to run away - and then -

"Oh my God. You're that bloke with the bowtie!"

I shouted, pointing at him.

"Pardon?" He frowned, pulling away from River to look at me.

"That guy - the one who yelled my name and waved at me! You crashed our ship...?"  I gestured to the still-smoking craft.

"Like I said, timey wimey," He grinned.

Those Time People. This was absoloute rubbish.

"Well what about Serenata? Where is she?"

"Madame Kovarian captured her," The Doctor said sadly.

River's head snapped up, "I thought you told me she was safe!"

"She is - for now."

"Well why didn't you bloody rescue her?"

"The planet called me back!"

"The planet called you back? What is that supposed to mean?!"

I sighed, wandering away from the squabbling alien couple.

Rubbing my temples, I contemplated searching their blue box for pain pills - and then I realized, their ship was with Madame Kovarian....

The End

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