Doctor: Going in CirclesMature

I dashed down the corridor, a little smile on my face. That had been a lot easier than I had thought it would be - I had dropped off directions to Serenata back to the ship and had programmed it to get back to the planet, where I'd meet them. In theory.

I caught up with the people who were being ushered towards the craft at a much faster rate. I tried to lose myself in the crowd and swerve my way to Bellona, but the guards weren't having any of it. They stopped me, knowing perfectly well who I was. I simply pulled out my psychic paper and offered it to them.

"She wants me on the ship." I said, the paper corroborating my story. They looked at each other before letting me get on. I didn’t think that would work either. This has been a lot easier than I had anticipated.

I became a little suspicious, but it was too late - the craft had disembarked and we were falling to the planet.

"Bellona!" I yelled. I watched her turn in my direction but as I waved, she ignored me, just like she didn't know me. I screwed up my face in thought. How could she not know me? And how could she have got onto this ship? I left her on Singir with River. Peculiar.

"Everybody settle down." A soldier shouted with silence following. "Sit on the floor." We did as we were told, eager to hear our next instructions. I defied the urge to stand up and cause a fuss, wanting to know what Kovarian wanted. "You will be looking for."

Before he could finish, his radio crackled into life, but instead of words coming out, it was just static. Each time he tried to turn it off, it remained silent for only a second before activating again, much louder. I sighed, pulling out my sonic and using it but it just agitated it even more. The soldier was getting even more frustrated and in the end, threw the radio out of a hatch, laughing as it fell into space.

"As I was saying. You will be looking for." The static started again, this time over the speaker system. The soldier continued valiantly. "This." He explained, pointing to a screen that displayed an image for a split second before falling into jagged lines - the static had almost infected it.

"Mind if I have a look at it? I'm good with that sort of thing." I shouted over the noise. My screwdriver whirred, this time on a different setting and the static stopped. "Who's a genius?" I winked.

Then I collapsed in pain, the noise having infiltrated my head. I tried my sonic but it didn't do any good.

I could just about make out a voice coming through the static. "Come back." It said. "Back to Singir."

The first thing that popped into my head was 'blame River'  - she had probably inadvertently woken something up on the planet and it had decided to bring us down. Probably.

I heard the soldiers talking about engine failure - we were in freefall. Just what we needed - even more problems. I lay still for a second, thinking through what I was about to do. Before I had chance to tell myself that it was an incredibly stupid idea, I did it.

"Let me through!" I yelled, struggling on beyond the deafening pain. I reached a control terminal and pulled a device not unlike my sonic out of my inside jacket pocket. It was slightly longer and thinner with four rings of flashing red lights going along the length. On the one end was a button. I plugged the other end into the console. My finger hovered over the button. "Don't tell anyone I did this." I mumbled as my finger pressed down.

I had linked the spaceship up with the TARDIS and by using the device like a joystick, I manoeuvred the ship through the time vortex. Normally a difficult and dangerous task, it seemed relatively easy with the static almost telling me what to do. I knew that I had to time it right - I had to pull the device free of the console at exactly the right moment or we would overshoot and end up thousands of years away from where I wanted to get to - an hour before I originally landed there. I shut my eyes and concentrated. I heard the static telling me to do it, but I hesitated - I knew what I was doing. In one fluid motion, I yanked it free, nearly dropping it.

I smiled, only then remembering that we were about to crash. I adopted a safe position, not that I was terribly sure that it would work and waited for the impact. I tried to tell others to do the same, but they were simply running around in panic; I could see a couple of smart people in the chaos and we shared a brief smile when there weren't people running through our field of vision. I braced myself.

The ship landed with a rather loud bang - louder than the static had been. There weren't many survivors. Solemnly, I pulled myself up and started to tend to the injured. I watched one man die in my arms, all because of that Kovarian. I went to fetch some more medical supplies from an adjoining room but before I could return, I heard the pirates come on board. They took everything they could, including the people. Including Bellona who had hidden herself away in one of the corners. I listened to her scream for help as they dragged her away, knowing that I couldn't do anything without risking the time stream - I would rescue her soon enough.

Once they had left, I was the only person left on the ship. Alive that is. I checked in the control room for any clues as to the source of the static, to see where and how it had got onboard but I found no clues, even after turning over every stone. I checked throughout the ship but still, nothing. I found myself back at the start of my trail, in the room with the others when I felt something. Something sharp and quick floating through the atmosphere. I turned, but there was nothing there. Before I had chance to investigate, I heard some voices from outside. Just in time.

I stepped out to see two figures on the top of the dune. One of them waved at me before doing something that looked a little like blowing a kiss. Well that solves the problem of which one is which. They both ran down, one slipping a little bit.

"Who is it?" The one that I assumed was Bellona asked. The other woman, River, simply laughed before sliding down the sand and falling on her back. I started to make my way over there, unsurprised when River refused Bellona's help.

"Well that was silly, wasn't it?" I did laugh a little bit, even though I knew that she would get her revenge later on.

"And the penny drops." She said with a smile. Bellona turned to face me.

"Oh I am so confused." She mumbled.

"How long has it been for you?" River asked.

"A couple of days." I thought to myself - had it really been that long? I must have miscalculated a little bit. Woops. "Don't worry - she's safe."

I helped River up, happy when she hugged me. "Good to see you again, sweetie." She whispered in my ear before kissing me gently on the cheek.

"I am so incredibly confused." Poor Bellona looked so confused and worried.

"Wibbly wobbly." I explained.

"Timey wimey." River finished.

We both fell into laughter.

The End

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