Matthew: EscapeMature

I awoke to the sound of a siren blaring. My cell was bathed in a red light, flashing like mad.

"What....?" I whispered aloud.

Standing, I saw that one whole wall of my cell had vanished, revealing a corridor just beyond.

I walked out into it, limping. I hadn't told Serenata this, but my right leg had a gash in it and had been bleeding frequently.

Down the length of the corridor, the rest of the cells were open. My hearts raced as I limped to the cell next to me.

Lying curled into a ball in the corner was the most beautiful girl I had ever laid eyes on. Her long white hair pooled onto the ground, eyes fluttering beneath closed lids. Stifling I laugh, I realized that she was the only girl I could remember seeing. Or talking to for that matter.

"Sere!" I hissed.

Her eyes opened - they were an icy blue.

"Who are you?" She blinked sleepily.

"It's me, Matthew! We have to hurry, the cells are all open - we can escape!"

She sat up, rubbing her temples, "Where did my wall go?"

I rolled my eyes, lunging forward. Grabbing her arm, I fixed my eyes on hers.

"Serenata, we have to go NOW!"

Her jaw dropped, "Oh my God! What interesting eyes!"

I raised an eyebrow in confusion, "We don't have time for this...Please Sere!"

She searched my face for a moment but eventually nodded. Together, hand in hand, we raced down the corridor. My leg screamed with pain. I stopped for a moment, my hand slipping from hers.

"Matthew, what's - Oh." Sere had caught sight of my leg.

"It's nothing...." I tore the fabric of my pantleg, wrapping it tightly around the wound.

"Some nothing," She crossed her arms.

I sighed long and loud, standing, "I know but we have to get out of here. We can worry about injuries later,"

She nodded, biting her lip, staring at my leg. I glanced down. Blood had already seeped through, staining the white fabric red.

"Come on," I held out my hand.

She stared at it for a split second as though it were a foreign object, then finally grasped it tightly with her own.
We ran.

The sirens were giving me a splitting headache. Red lights flashed chaotically above our heads.
But it wasn't just the sirens. God, what was the sound?

If it didn't stop, my head would surely split in two....


The End

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