Serenata: MatthewMature

I laid on my side, my back pressed against the white brick wall. Or at least, I thought it was white. The light was so dim in my cell, I couldn't see color very well.

If I closed my eyes and held my breath I could just barely make out twin hearts beating on the other side of the wall.

He was like me. I have always been told that in all the universe, there would never be anyone like me besides my mother and father. We were alone.

Rule number one: Don't fall in love.

But now, this boy my own age, my own species was just on the other side of that brick wall, sleeping.

Now what would my parents say? Would the rule be revoked? Not that I fancied him or anything - I didn't even know him.

I sat up.

Who was he anyway? He said he didn't remember who he was....Oh God. Were they going to do the same to me?

I hugged my knees to my chest, fighting tears.

What's wrong?

I shivered, stopping myself from jumping out of my skin in alarm. I thought he'd been asleep! Little sneak, listening in on my emotions....


You're lying.

I frowned, I'm just afraid they'll make me forget who I am too.

They didn't do this to me.

Oh. Who did?

He laughed, I don't remember

Oh yeah. I'm stupid..of course he doesn't remember. It could have been anyone - not just the Madame and her goons.

I'm Serenata.

It occured to me that I hadn't told him my name.

Nice to meet you.

You too Matthew.


I stood, meandering across the cell, noting that it had no windows or doors - and no bed or toilet.

Well I've got to call you something haven't I? I can't just say ' hey you,'

I suppose....


I stretched out on my back, in the center of the floor, staring up at the ceiling - equally white as the rest of my cell.

I hearby name you Matthew. I sent a mental image of a queen tapping his shoulders with a sword.

Very funny.  Can I go back to sleep  now?


He was out cold in three seconds flat.

The End

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