Doctor: Anger and FearMature

I looked on in horror, unsure what to do. They had taken her. Those cowards had done it again. It never goes down well with me when my friends get hurt but when they go against my family, they find themselves in a place that they will never get out of: my bad books.

I pushed past River and Bellona, knocking the doors to the ship open with the crash of my fists. As the door shut behind me, I threw my jacket down, hearing every drop of sand hit the floor mere seconds before. With one swing of my arm, I activated as many switches as possible. I rapidly moved around the console with what River called 'the elegance of wisdom' or something similar - maybe I should listen to her more - I might learn something.

 I stopped myself from laughing as I tried to maintain a straight face. Once the ship had dematerialised, I dashed into a storage bay and grabbed my weapon of choice: a delightful little thing I call a kaleidoscope.

The ship landed with a shudder and so as I made my way to the door, I grabbed my spare jacket that wasn't full of sentient sand. I opened the door with an angry smile and my weapon in my hand.

"We meet again, Madame Kovarian. I'd say that its nice to see you but that isnt true. Besides, can you even see me?" I pointed to her signature eye-patch and smiled. "One is definitely enough."

The End

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