The Madame: Problem SolvingMature

"Madame." I turned from the 3D view of the planet.

"Yes." I snapped, eager for the information.

"We have... Well we have lost the signal." I resisted the urge to slam my fist onto the table, instead walking away.

"Then we simply go to the planet." I replied, acting calm.

"Very good." I placed my hands on my hips as I looked over the data - the desert planet of Singir was registered as uninhabited but the footage that we had taken recently showed some sort of creature underneath the sand. It was huge and didn't like strangers - the clip showed something nasty coming out of the sand and getting rid of a couple of those stupid little space pirates in one go.

"It's like the smoke monster." The soldier stood behind me murmured.

"What?" I said loudly as I turned to stare him down.

"Just some cult tv show. Nothing to worry about."

"When you've faced real smoke monsters, then you can talk about them, alright? Just so you know, in the flesh, they are not very nice at all." The soldier looked scared, backing away instantly.

"Sorry, Madame."

"Any news on him?" I asked, hissing the final word.

One of the computers bleeped. Perfect timing.

"We've got him. He's on the planet."

"Even better." I mumbled, a slight smile on my face. "Soldier."

He approached me, nodding.

"You know what to do?" I asked. He nodded again, looking past me at the footage. "Want to know how it ends? The show, that is." He looked intently at me, making eye contact and plucking up the courage to defy me. I licked my lips, offering him only one word that I expressed in a very self-satisfied voice:


The End

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