Serenata: Always in ShadowMature

I trudged across the sand towards the familiar shape of the TARDIS. That human girl, Bellona, was trailing behind, rambling almost as bad as my father. I'd hate to see them in a room together.

"...So I told him, if you lay a hand on me, I'll bite your finger off! So I did - tasted bitter, like rotten potato chips...."

I sighed irritably. I was already pissed because Mum had told me I couldn't see what Dad had found - I didn't need this human yakking away in my ear. It seemed like I was always in my parent's shadows.

"What was that about shadows?" Bellona called.

Damn. I'd said that last bit aloud.

I approached the door to the TARDIS, lifting my key to the lock. I kept it round my neck on an old leather string so I'd have it with me always.

"How are we all supposed to fit in there?" Bellona asked.

I couldn't help but grin as I pushed the door open. I relished the moments when people first saw the vastness of Dad's ship.

Bellona gasped, staggering backwards.

"Bloody hell!"

I stifled my laughter and made a bee-line for my bedroom.

"Don't touch anything!" I called over my shoulder.

Bellona stepped inside cautiously, muttering, "As if!"

I really hoped Dad would drop her off somewhere. I didn't think I could take another rambling idiot on this ship. Not that Dad is an idiot - he just talks like one sometimes.

Always in shadow...always in shadow.

I found those words playing on loop inside my mind as I lay on my bed.

Will I ever be brave?

The End

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