???: LostMature

I opened my eyes very slowly.  My body was slumped over a particularly sharp edge of broken metal. Spots danced before me; my head felt light as a balloon. I couldn't see past a couple feet in front of me.

Oh my God. Who am I? Where am I?
Bile rose in my throat. I thrashed about in a panic, the metal digging deeper into my ribcage.

Blood trickled into my eyes which didn't help my vision at all. In a final desperate attempt, I leaned backwards off of the metal edge. With a sickening slurp it came free from my flesh. I found the world around me turning upside down as I landed on my back on metal mesh flooring.

Daylight was peeking through a crack in the dark grey ceiling.

I passed out in the warmth of the single sunbeam.

The End

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