River: The Dying CatMature

My face was very clearly showing how frustrated I was at him, my eyes and lips screwed up a little. He had helped me out which was rather nice of him and he had gone to help our Serenata but he didn't have to drop me.

"You know, I may be marvellous," I shouted. "But from time to time, a little bit of help wouldn't go amiss." I scrambled to my feet, dusting some sand off of me. They seemed to have found themselves someone younger. Great.

"Well who are you?" I called with a suspicious eye.

"She's fine." The Doctor avoided my eye contact, clearly trying to weigh up the girl.

"So, we'll be off." I put my arm around Serenata, turning her to face the ship. "Nice to meet you though."

"So... Umm..." The girl was looking at us, clearly impressed by the Doctor.

"Need a lift?" He offered her a hand of friendship which she took with a smile.

"Great." I muttered under my breath.

"Isn't it going to get rather crowded in there with the four of us?" She looked confused. Bless her and her innocence.

"Trust me darling, there's going to be plenty of room." I offered her a wink which seemed to shock her a little. "So, Doctor."

I turned to face the Timelord but he wasn't there.

"Did you fall down another hole?" I shouted, laughing along with Serenata. After there was no response for a few seconds, I decided to go back to the TARDIS and wait for him there but before I had chance to move, a head popped up from the far side of a nearby sand dune.

"You'll never guess what's over here!" He seemed very excited and was waving something around.

"You know what curiosity did, don't you?" I hollered.

"Of course I do! We travelled together for quite a long time!" He replied, disappearing into the distance.

"Are we going to follow him?" Serenata tapped me on the shoulder.

"Of course I am. You're going to go back to the ship with her."

"Bellona." She seemed a little icy towards me.

"Take Bellona with you."

"Why can't I come with you?"

"You know what curiosity did don't you?" I looked at her seriously.

"Yes." She looked at me, slightly annoyed.

"And it doesn't just kill cats. It kills people too." With a sigh, I began to make my way after him.

The End

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