Serenata: The WenchMature

I squinted into the distance. A girl was
struggling against two men, crying out unintelligible words in a strangled voice - her fear muddling them.

"Dad! Look!"

He was busy attempting to haul Mum out of the
quicksand they'd fallen into. Dad had managed to get out but she was still
stuck tight.

"Can't you see I'm busy!?" He snapped.

"Please, just look!" I cried.

They were beginning to drag the girl away now,
back up the steep dune. Dad took a quick glance in that direction and his eyes
grew wide.

"Ah. I see."

"Sweetie, please focus on getting me out of
this pit, will you?" Mum asked him, an exasperated look crossing her face.

He nodded. Leaning back, with all his strength, he
began to pull.

The ground finally let go with a wet sounding pop.
Mum landed on top of Dad. They began to laugh hysterically.

"Fine. I'll go save her myself," I began
to walk towards the girl...but found myself stopping and looking back over my

"I'm coming, I'm coming," Dad muttered.
Mum rolled off of him, still laughing.

"I have the key," She gasped.

Dad glared at her, "Why didn't you tell me
this before?!"

"Because I thought I left it in the
TARDIS!" She wiped a tear of laughter from her eye.

"" Dad faltered.

She withdrew the key from her pocket, "Here,

He snatched it from her hand and undid the
handcuffs, throwing them angrily to the ground.

Dad brushed his trousers off and set off towards
the struggle still in action.

The girl had managed to kick one of her capturers
in the groin but the other one, the one with a robotic arm, had her in a

He began to run. I jogged, struggling to keep up
with him. It will always puzzle me how he had so much energy at nine hundred and twenty five!

"OI! Let go of me!!" The girl shrieked,
struggling to loosen the man's grip.

The fellow was not a large man, vertically, but
what he lacked in inches he made up for in girth.

"Sorry to dissapoint ya missy. Yer coming
back with us,"

The girl let out a whimper of pain as his grip

"LET HER GO!" Dad roared, pointing his
sonic screwdriver like a weapon.

"Who the hell are you? And am I meant to be a
afraid of a little silver wand?" The man laughed heartily, tilting his
bald head back.

"Yes. You should be afraid," Dad's voice
went deadly quiet.

The second man, still rolling on the ground in
pain, looked up curiously for a moment. For a few precious minutes, the only
sound that could be heard was the wind blowing across the desert sands.

The sonic switched on, it's piercing sound
breaking the quiet.

Sparksflew from the man's robotic arm. He howled in pain,
releasing the girl. She ran to us, a wild expression in her eyes.

"Thank you!" She gasped, bracing her
hands on her knees, attempting to catch her breath.

"Yer gonna pay for that!" The man
screeched, pointing his flesh finger on his other arm at Dad.

"Sorry. I don't have any money,"

I stifled a bark of laughter and watched the rest
of the conversation gleefully.

"Every man has at least a penny to his
name..." The thug trailed off, massaging the area where his robotic arm
attached to his shoulder.

"Not me," Dad shrugged, a smile playing
on his lips.

"Come on Garth, let's just go. We can find
another wench," The man on the ground, sat up, moaning.

"Who are you?" Garth growled.

"I'm the Doctor. I'm sure your kind has heard
of me,"

I could have sworn that Garth's eyeballs were
going to pop out of his head. The two men fled, scrambling up the sand dune,
screaming like little girls.

And Dad just laughed.

"Who are
you people?" The girl exclaimed, her eyes bugging almost as much
as Garth's had as she watched the men slowly dissapear from view. "I mean,
thanks for saving me and all but...God! For them to be afraid...of you?" She stressed the word,
eyeballing Dad's bowtie. He straightened it indignantly. "Now that is really something!"

"We're" I told her quietly.

"I'm the Doctor. This is Serenata," Dad
gave her a friendly smile.

"Yeah, sure. That still doesn't tell me who you two are.... Come on then? Are
you with the Vipers?"

Dad and I exchanged glances.

"Blood-naught? The Revengers?"

Revengers? That wasn't even a real word....

"Sorry…..what?" Dad blinked rapidly,
trying to process what she was asking.

" aren't with any pirate bands?"

He raised an eyebrow, "Um. No?"

"Well good then. I just didn’t want to be a
wench again. I'm Bellona. Bellona Rossi,” She extended a hand.

Dad shook it tentatively. This was gonna be a hell of a day.

The End

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