Serenata: The Dead WorldMature

I spun sharply on my heel and headed down a spiral staircase towards the wardrobe. Idiots. One of these days they were going to crash this damn ship.

I jumped off the staircase the last two steps and landed with a thud. I had forgotten I wasn't wearing shoes. Ignoring the pain on the soles of my bare feet, I meandered through the racks of clothing scattered haphazardly in the spacious room.

A bright blue tee cought my eye. It had a white daisy printed on the front.

"Good enough," I murmured, sliding it off its hanger.

After choosing a pair of blue jeans, I clambered back up the staircase into the control room.

"All ready darling?" Mum called as she pulled her hair into a big poofy ponytail.

"Yes - I think so," I looked down.

Oops. Forgot shoes.

"Hold on a mo!" I cried, dashing for my room down the hall.

I darted inside slipped on my plimsolls and ambled back to the control room where Mum and Dad were waiting by the doors.

"Took you long enough!" Dad joked, grinning widely.

I smiled back, shoving my hands in my pockets.

Mum pushed open the doors. The bright sunlight blinded me for a moment. I blinked to regain focus. Before me was a great expanse of sand. Windswept dunes rolled on forever into the horizon. It was a dead world.

I stepped out of the shelter of the TARDIS, squinting.

Dad plunked a pair of sunglasses onto my nose.

"Here. That'll probably help,"

"Gee. Thanks," I drawled, rolling my eyes.

He only laughed, walking ahead of me and Mum.

"He thinks he's all that...." Mother shook her head, smiling.

I could only nod and grin. God I loved traveling.


The End

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