River: Bumpy RideMature

Travelling with the Doctor is the best thing ever. No questions. Even when he can't pilot his beautiful ship.

I fell against the railings as I descended into the main control room. As I pulled myself up, I couldn't see him, that mad man. Then a little flick of hair popped up from the far side of the console. I laughed to myself before continuing down the stairs with as much grace as I could.

"What's up, sweetie?" I hollered over the pained screech of the TARDIS.

"Temporal anomaly. Won't be much longer." That time I got to see his face, a slightly flustered look accompanying his furrowed brow.

"Can I help?" I tried to look helpful but don't think that he even noticed. We had been travelling for a fair few years and he still didn't pay much attention to me when I was trying to be useful.

"Can you pilot a Type-40 TARDIS?" He mumbled, barely audible over the ship.

"Nope." I said happily, jumping down the final step. "Can you?"

He looked up to see the smile wide on my face. "Very funny, Melody."

He hadn't called me that since we first met; it had always been River. Won't be doing that again.

The ship jostled again and as he maintained his balance, I fell forward, hitting the console. Checking my aching head for any bumps or bruises, I crawled around the console and sat next to him, like a child.

"I wanted to watch you work. That alright?" I whispered into his ear. I think he nodded but it was all a bit of a blur when a large spark flew from where the Doctor was working. In a second, he had pulled himself up and was dancing around the console. When another spark kissed his hand, he dashed past me and down to the underbelly of the ship, checking something.

"River!" He called up at me, prompting me to look at him through the glass floor.

"What's up Doc?"

"Hit the green button!" He seemed to be struggling with a flying wire, battling to keep it under control like an angry snake.

"Gotcha!" I replicated his movements, skipping as I looked for what he was talking about. On one of the panels, I found two buttons that fit his description, but which one should I press?

"Which one??" I shouted, the noise getting steadily louder. He couldn't have heard me since he didn't respond. I shut my eyes and picked a button at random, sighing when the noise settled down.

"What did you do River? What did you press?" The Doctor didn't seem too happy, despite the fact that I had just saved us.

"That one. Like you said." I pointed, smiling.

"Oh." He looked at me suspiciously. "You sure?"

I nodded, scooting around the console to grab the monitor. "We landed?"

"What makes you say that? The time rotor is still going."

He was right but after he hit a flashing button and pushed a lever in my direction just a fraction, the time rotor slowed to a stop.

"I hate it when you do that." I mumbled, not giving his ego the satisfaction of praise.

"What?" He feigned ignorance, taking the monitor from me.

"Being all smart. I think it's more luck than anything else."

"Think you could do better?" He gave me a quizzical look, his eyes filled with curiosity.

With a burst of confidence, I nodded. I eased a lever back before slowly moving around the console to push and twist a variety of devices. With a gentle squeak, the time rotor slowly moved again, much to the Doctor's amusement. I waltzed around him, tapping on a wireless keyboard. I placed it in his hands before reaching to press a button.

"No." He muttered but I trusted my instincts. I felt my finger come into contact with the blue button and push against it, immediately stopping the ship with a harsh smash. He took my hand and moved it over to another button, which on pressing rectified the problem and landed us.

"Pretty good." He patted me on the back before grabbing his jacket. It never ceased to amaze me how that thing suited him but it did.

"Do you think I'll ever be able to fly the TARDIS?" I asked, running to join him as he opened the door.

He looked to me and pulled me into a brief hug, whispering "Not yet." as he did so.

"Why?" I asked, slightly offended.

The light from outside had started to filter in.

"Was anyone thinking of telling me that we had landed?" Serenata was stood by the console in a dressing gown, looking rather annoyed at us both.

"I was just going to come get you, darling. We just wanted to make sure that it was safe out there." I smiled at her. "You go get changed and we'll have a look around. See what's out there." She nodded suspiciously before wandering off to her room.

"Well?" I turned back to the Doctor. He uttered just one word that made no sense to me but before I had chance to question it, he had stepped out.


The End

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