Tears of a Time LordMature

Closed collaborative between VictoriaGlass and jamm!


Everyone knows that everyone dies.

But once in a while...everyone lives.

And oh how they lived.

When River Song met the Doctor - everything just made sense.

She was young - twenty-five - beautiful and filled with hope.
So much hope.

They had met on Earth, in the year twenty-fifteen. The Doctor had only minutes before fought the battle of Demon's Run, when he had discovered River's true identity and quickly traveled to the rough location of where they had taken her as a baby.

He had arrived twenty-five years too late. River - or Melody, as she was called then - resided in an apartment complex in London.

The Doctor's knuckles turned white as he raised his fist to her door, number seven hundred and two.

The door swung open before he had a chance to knock.

"Hello. Can I help you?"

Her hair was as curly and blonde as ever, her face young and smiling, hazel eyes shining.

"Right. Yes. Ummm...." The Doctor shuffled his feet. He found himself at a loss for words.

Melody examined the gentleman before her. He appeared....familiar. She had sensed someone outside of her door - someone different.

"Are you just going to stand there or are you coming in?"

The Doctor looked up to find that she had walked away from him, into the apartment.

"Sure. Why not?" He muttered, stepping inside.

The living room was painted a warm orange. Daisies on the coffee table filled the room with an aromatic scent - one the Doctor's highly attuned senses could detect.

Melody thrust a cup of tea into his hands, "Have a seat," She told him cheerfully.

Obediently, the Doctor sat on the couch. Melody seated herself, stirring her cup, the spoon clinking against the china.

"So, what do you want then?"

The Doctor sipped carefully at the hot liquid, "I'm a friend of your parents,"

She stopped stirring and started staring.

"My parents? Is this a joke?"

The Doctor set down his cup, laughing, "Of course not!"

Melody raised an eyebrow, "Alright then. What was my mother's name?"

"Amelia Pond,"

"Where was I born?"

"Demon's Run,"

Melody stared into the murky depths of her tea. This was the first time someone had answered those questions correctly.

"I know alot more than that," The Doctor gently pulled the cup from her hand and set it on the table.

"I know your favorite color is blue. Your favorite flowers are -," He plucked a daisy from the vase, "Daisies. And every time you ever looked up at the stars, you knew that there was someone out there who understood you,"

Melody looked into the blue-green eyes of this man. This man who dared to enter her home, drink her tea and know everything about her.

"Who are you?" She whispered.

He planted his nose in the center of the flower, breathing its scent.

"I'm the Doctor," He mumbled from the behind the petals.

She picked the flower from his hands. He stared at where it had been, almost forlornly, like a child who had lost a favorite toy.

"What kind of name is that?" She asked.

He looked up at her, "What kind of name is River Song?"

Melody gasped, unable to contain her shock.

The Doctor could only grin, knowing this was the beginning of something beautiful. 




The End

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