Inspiration: LoZ Twilight PrincessMature

A spirited, reddish-haired girl of secretly royal lineage, influenced by the darkness in her life, rides atop a feisty grey wolf that's proportionally large to her, one whose true form is two-footed and whose true purpose is to be a hero chosen by fate; they come together with a mission to oppose an evil ruler and to liberate their two very different peoples.

So, are we talking TBQ, or LoZ?  The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess has had more of an influence on The Bandit Queen than I initially realized.  And now for a brief history on the birth of TBQ.

TBQ's first page, Snowfall, was written as satire.  What?  Yes.  Satire.  I was trying to make fun of overly-florid creative writing, only to realize I flippin' loved it.  So I thought I'd make a short story, still making everything up as I went along.  And then I got into the thick of the flashback, finally realizing that TBQ's length would far exceed that which was originally intended.  It would become a novel.

Now that you know this, I will tell you that I consciously took the idea of riding on a wolf from Twilight Princess.  I've always thought that that aspect of the game was totally badass.  As for the rest of the similarities, most of it was completely unplanned.

The End

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