A Closer Look: Color ThemesMature

Hopefully, you've noticed that there's a ton of black, white, and red imagery in the story.  Here are some more details on that.

  • Oliana represents black, because her painful memories are a black stain on her life, but she uses their darkness to her advantage, to strengthen her commitment to her cause.  Note that she is associated with ravens.
  • Dechar represents white.  He's a very pure-hearted character, one who is very innocent and naive at the beginning.  Note that the color of his coat is mostly a shade of grey, signifying that he is of good and evil parentage.
  • Roth represents the color red.  Remember how I said on the previous page that there were other names with meaning?  Well, I sort of made up the name Roth, though recognized that it was an actual name.  I looked up the meaning later, and dang, it means 'red.'  That's ideal, because his death marked the first act of violence, the first bloodshed, of the book, and the hemorrhaging has only continued from there.

Here are more associations with those colors as seen in the novel.

Black: evil, death, night

White: goodness, snow, peace

Red: blood, flames, sin

All of those things listed are recurring themes in and of themselves, but they fall under the umbrella of these color themes.

The End

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