A Closer Look: Character NamesMature

The following names are made up by me (pretty much on the spot), and as you'll surely notice, they belong to the characters that are mentioned toward the beginning.  This is no coincidence.  :)

  • Oliana
  • Dechar
  • Zolan
  • Gillireth
  • Jarrah
  • Merenia

With the exception of Dechar and his mother Calysta, all the names of the Dechi are real names that mean "wolf" or some variation thereof.  For example, Ylva means "she-wolf" in Swedish and Rezso means "famous wolf" in Hungarian.  Calysta is named after the Arcadian myth of a woman who turned into a she-bear.  Despite having made up the flashback as I went along, it worked out that Calysta's name was fitting, considering her transformation from timid to bold.

Keon's name was inspired by someone I know, though it is a variant of their last name.  It's Irish, perhaps Scottish in origin.  Let's say it's Celtic and call it a day.  Tihaltak, his Alfarian name, is my own spin on the Germanic name Tihalt, meaning "prince of the people."  Don't read into that meaning too much; I think I just came across the name looking for Germanic stuff starting with a 'T'.  Orlo is also Germanic, meaning "bringer of light," so I think my plan is to give all the Alfar Germanic names (or modified versions of them).

There are other names with meaning behind them, but I just wanted to provide a general understanding of how I've picked my names so far.  Hope you enjoyed!

The End

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