Second Draft Plans: Warren the FalconerMature

Sounds bad-ass, right?  Warren the Falconer-- or Torin, I haven't yet decided-- will be a new character in the second draft.  He'll be helping Oliana.  Bear with me and my vague details; I just came up with this character a couple of nights ago.  Who knows, I might trash him next week.

Torin/Warren has almost black hair that has a reddish sheen in the sunlight.  He has a well-kept beard/mustache combo that isn't big or gross.  His eyes are a dark forest green.  He's probably about thirty years old.  He's a very private individual.  He was posing as one of Gillireth's soldiers when Oliana was captured in the beginning.  Rather than conveniently allowing Oliana to get away with hiding a dagger in her cloak, the story will have him directing his falcon to drop a small blade or something where she can reach it and free herself from her binds.  And then he'll see her later in the story, but I haven't even written that part in the first draft yet, so I'll just keep it to myself.

What's his backstory?  How much does he know?  Why was he helping Oli escape?  Hell if I know yet!  It's a work in progress on the back burner.  Post below which you prefer: Warren or Torin.

The End

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