Second Draft Plans: The Big SixMature

There are lots of improvements to be made to the story as it stands, but there are five six in particular that I consider major issues (so far).  They're major because they require the most revamping and are certainly among the most irksome.

  1. The healing spring.  Soooo overused and overpowered.  I'll shut that shit down in the next draft.  Gracefully.
  2. The flashback... prologue... thing.  Everyone enjoys it, but let's face it: it's too much all at once.  Readers don't want to lose sight of the actual meat of the story.
  3. The pace.  Sure, people have shorter attention spans these days, but I think there are certainly some parts of the story that warrant a little more attention and clarity.
  4. Oliana's characterization.  Nobody really loves her character at first.  Not even me.  So I'll be making her more likable while maintaining the core aspects of her personality.  It can be done.  I think.**
  5. The dialogue.  I started in an attempt to keep the language fairly antiquated, but it's become fairly clear to me since that I should develop a somewhat more modern, consistent quality to the way the characters speak.  But I realize there's a fine balance here, so it'll take some finesse to get things to where I want them to be for publishing.
  6. Roth's characterization.  Or lack thereof.  Take your pick on which bothers you the most.

**The flip side of this is Dechar would not be the man he is today if I'd liked Oliana from the beginning.  I gave him more of a role in the story than initially intended just because I liked him better.  I mean, how could I not?  The purity of Captain America with the gruffness of Wolverine.  I'll stop now.  It's not called The Wolf King, Celtic.

The End

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