Second Draft Plans: The Big PictureMature

  • What?  Celtic is posting about the second draft when she's only half-done with the first?  Yes.
  • Why?  Because this is some of the most important note-taking for The Bandit Queen.  It's recognizing that the writing and parts of the storyline are far from perfect, and it's taking a proactive stance to weed out some of those imperfections the next time around.  It's publishing prep work.
  • Who?  Some of the changes in the first draft are things that I came to realize on my own, but many of the changes I'll be making wouldn't be happening if it weren't for the wonderful feedback of loyal readers like you!  ^_^  (Wait.  You're not a loyal reader?  Might want to think about changing that!)
  • When?  Well, I won't be writing the next draft 'till, y'know, after the first is done.  And I don't have much free time this year.  I'll pump out what notes I have about changes in the second draft pretty quickly, adding to them as I go, but you won't see the fruit of it for a good long while.  A part of me wants to start on the TBQ sequel while I'm doing the rewrite (which I would post on Protag), but I'll try to contain myself.  The fact is, it could be a year and a half before I start on the second draft.
  • Where?  I probably won't post the second draft online... sorry, but I don't want to complicate the eventual publishing process when I get this baby in hardback.  So here's your chance to see what it'll look like based on these notes.  And then you can buy the book!
  • How?  Slowly but surely.  Enough questions.  Let's do this thing.
The End

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