A Closer Look: The AlfarMature

Did you know?

  • The Alfar are elves.  I call them Alfar because that's what they're known as in Norse Mythology.  The sub-race of Alfar that get a spotlight in the story are dark elves.
  • Dark elves have navy blue skin and pointed ears and have similar heights and builds to humans.  As with all Alfar, their facial features are angular, and their irises are pale.  Their eyes are almost completely covered in iris, whereas their eye whites are thin.
  • They used to have a thriving nation to the west of Eirethstead, but much of their kingdom was engulfed on Gillireth's orders around the time Dechar was born, and many Alfar have been reduced to living on the run.
  • Being further removed from the human race than the Dechi, the Alfar speak a different language entirely, and their tongue has been outlawed in Eirethstead for many years.
The End

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