Character Profiles: KeonMature

Name: Keon (or Tihaltak, as the Alfar know him)

Role: Oliana's love/hate interest

Gender: Male

Race: Human

From: Eirethstead

Age: 24

Height: 5'10"

Build: Muscular, broad-shouldered, trim

Hair Color: Sandy blonde

Hairstyle: Medium-length hair with a slight wave, stubble

Eye Color: Blue that darkens near the pupil

Clothes: Burgundy cloak, belt, dark trousers, wears his biological father's necklace, which has a burlap string and a wooden pendant

Personality: Galavanting, brash, a partier, talkative, money-loving, bold, sly

Other Distinguishing Characteristics: He's stealthy, really good at not getting noticed

Occupation: Bandit

Hobbies, Interests, Talents: Talking a lot, drinking, girls

Greatest Fear: Doesn't have one that he could name

Associated Animal: Fox

Best Friend: Orlo

Relatives: Orlo (adoptive father)

Backstory: Mentioned in some detail in the story, he ended up getting caught in the crossfire of an Alfarian attack on supplies for the war as a toddler, and Orlo, one of the Alfar, found him, spared him, and raised him.

The End

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