A Closer Look: The DechiMature

Warning: this entire page is one big spoiler for those who haven't read!  Please don't ruin it for yourself.

Did you know?

  • The Dechi are a shapeshifting race that, when in 'human' form, can best be identified as such by their potentially strange hair colors that match their wulfen coats.
  • That being said, most humans still do not know that they can shapeshift, or even that "greywolves" are capable of speech.
  • It is traditional for the Dechi leader to take wulfen form when leading the charge into battle, thus the king was the black wolf that Zolan killed.
  • The Dechi cannot use other magic capabilities they may possess while in wulfen form.
  • The Dechi become capable of shapeshifting around the age they become capable of speech.  Up until that time, they are in their wulfen forms.
  • Only if they hone their magic through years of training will they gain control over other fantastical abilities.
  • Grammatically, the term "Dechi" should be treated in the same manner as the term "Chinese."  Therefore, one would not say, "There's a Dechi over there."
  • They speak with an accent that is basically like a generic European accent, if you can imagine that.
The End

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