Character Profiles: CalystaMature

Name: Calysta

Role: A chaotic neutral-type who undergoes changes

Gender: Female

Race: Dechi

From: The Dechi kingdom (should really think of a name for that place)

Age: 18

Height: 5'4"

Build: Tiny

Hair Color: Bright gold with white streaks

Hairstyle: Long braid

Eye Color: **Spolier alert** Amber (you should really read the story at this point if you haven't yet)

Clothes: Always royal, first appears in a lavish red dress

Personality: Subdued, very meek, a pawn, quiet-natured, introverted, nervous, intelligent

Other Distinguishing Characteristics: Very beautiful, longs to live in a peaceful world after having been thrown about by circumstance her whole life

Occupation: Princess of the Dechi, later Queen of Eirethstead

Hobbies, Interests, Talents: Chess

Greatest Fear: That peace may never be achieved

Associated Animal: A mother bear (her name is actually a nod to this, in mythology)

Best Friends: Her ladies-in-waiting

Relatives: Gillireth (husband)

Backstory: Her father, the king, was slain in battle, putting her in a rather unfortunate situation.  She is put under the care of a steward of the kingdom who chooses to marry her off to the king of Eirethstead after suffering defeat by that kingdom.

The End

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