Character Profiles: ZolanMature

Name: Zolan

Role: Minor Protagonist

Gender: Male

Race: Human

From: Eirethstead's capitol city

Age: 25 (introduction at flashback)

Height: 5'10"

Build: Less muscular than his brother, but this adds to his quickness

Hair Color: Dark brown

Hairstyle: Clean-shaven, somewhat short haircut

Eye Color: Blue with some green

Clothes: Royal appearance, but not as fancy as Gillireth

Personality: Subservient to his brother, inquisitive, good-hearted, doesn't give himself enough credit

Other Distinguishing Characteristics: A strong believer in fate, never was envious of Gillireth for his role of king

Occupation: Prince, sometimes aids the king

Hobbies, Interests, Talents: Well-trained in the art of combat, great reaction time

Associated Animal: Lion

Best Friend: Jarrah

Relatives: Gillireth (twin), Oliana (daughter), Roth (son), Aasta (wife)

Backstory: Grew up alongside his barely older twin brother in the castle at Eirethstead's capitol, which was idyllic only on the surface

Bonus Fun Fact: Often took the blame for Gillireth's misdeeds as a child, which is a big reason Gillireth believes he can do no wrong and blames everyone else for his problems

The End

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