Character Profiles: Ghillie DhuMature

Name: Ghillie Dhu (GILL-ee YOO)

Role: Minor Protagonist

Gender: Male

Race: Faerie

From: The woods near Eirethstead's capitol city

Age: Ancient (Immortal)

Height: 5'9"

Build: Not muscular, but not scrawny

Skin Color: Greenish-tan

Hair Color: Dark brown/black

Hairstyle: Loose curls of medium length, no facial hair

Eye Color: Hazelnut brown

Clothes: Green belted tunic made from leaves, cloak made of dark green moss

Personality: Spunky, socially awkward, matter-of-fact, loves children, loves company, helpful, friendly

Other Distinguishing Characteristics: Immortal, sensitive to children's hearts over long distances, controls trees by magic, only visible to those with the heart of a child, based on the faerie of the same name in Scottish folklore

Occupation: Protector of lost/troubled children in the woods

Hobbies, Interests, Talents: Helping children through sometimes violent use of trees

Greatest Fear: Loneliness, people believing that he never really existed

Associated Animal: Squirrel

Backstory: Long, long history of helping children, only to be forgotten and fall into obscure myth

Bonus Fun Fact: Nearly killed Zolan once, and if you think about it having read the story, you'll know when

The End

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