Character Profiles: GillirethMature

Name: Gillireth

Role: Main Antagonist

Gender: Male

Race: Human

From: Eirethstead

Age: 46

Height: 5'10"

Build: Strong

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Hairstyle: Wears a tidy beard

Eye Color: Blue with some green

Clothes: Royal garb, a long purple velvet cape, a golden crown

Personality: Courageous in battle, cowardly in showing his feelings, clever, a quipster (in youth), cynical, hates the Dechi, emotions displayed strongly (when they are displayed), very affected by those around him, believes he can do no wrong, can be quite clingy due to loss of parents, with whom he was very close

Other Distinguishing Characteristics: Large scar on right lower jaw (some of his jaw is actually missing), which gives him a slight speech impediment

Occupation: King of Eirethstead

Hobbies, Interests, Talents: Conquest, being a comedian (by his own standards)

Greatest Fear: Losing his loved ones

Associated Animal: Lion

Best Friend: His brother (at the beginning)

Relatives: Calysta (wife), Zolan (twin: yes, I'm sorry, there's an evil twin in this)

Backstory: This is looked at thoroughly in the flashback/prologue of the story, and I'd rather not give it all away!  :)

The End

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