Character Profiles: JarrahMature

Name: Jarrah

Role: Mentor

Gender: Male

Race: Human

From: Eirethstead, later Veringrove

Age: 85

Height: On the short side, perhaps 5'6" at this point in his life

Build: Frail, aged, wrinkly

Hair Color: White

Hairstyle: Has a whispy beard to accompany a full head of hair

Eye Color: Pale blue

Clothes: Brown robes, giving him a monk-like appearance

Personality: Has patience for people he knows are good-hearted, wise, mellow

Other Distinguishing Characteristics: Walks with a cane, has many wrinkles, withered appearance

Occupation: Counsel to the chief

Hobbies, Interests, Talents: reading, imparting wisdom, other important ones which are later revealed

Greatest Fear: To mislead people and hurt them

Associated Animal: Turtle

Backstory: Feels guilty about having misled people in his past with catastrophic results

The End

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