Character Profiles: RothMature

Name: Roth

Role: Minor Protagonist

Gender: Male

Race: Human

From: Veringrove Clan

Age: 12

Height: 5'4" (still growing)

Build: skinny

Hair Color: dark brown

Hairstyle: medium length, wavy

Eye Color: light greyish-blue

Clothes: loose white tunic, dark brown trousers, light blue cloak with fur around neckline (but not in a way that looks girly), long black boots

Personality: Immature, impulsive, protective, caring, naive

Other Distinguishing Characteristics: Tries to overcome his difficult past by leaving it behind, but lacks the emotional support to do so

Occupation: Will occasionally help Oliana with her duties

Hobbies, Interests, Talents: Casual archery

Greatest Fear: The moors

Relatives: Oliana (sister), Zolan (father), Aasta (mother)

Backstory: As with Oliana, he is an orphan.  He struggles to move on with his life.

The End

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