Character Profiles: DecharMature

Name: Dechar (Deh-KAR)

Role: Major Protagonist

Gender: Male

Race: Greywolf (looks like a giant wolf)

From: Veringrove Clan

Age: 21

Height: Nearly comes up to Oliana’s shoulders on all fours

Build: Tall, muscular

Hair Color: Dark bluish-grey with classic white markings on face, legs, and underbelly

Eye Color: Amber-gold

Clothes: None

Personality:Reserved, yet ferocious and protective character who generally doesn't like to show much emotion unless it's specifically Oliana,” (<-- quote from @PithofPassion, because my readers know my characters better than I do), observant, alert, tough guy persona, courageous, selfless, modest, intelligent (okay, a little too perfect), BUT lacks true confidence in himself

Other Distinguishing Characteristics: Insecurities about his mysterious past, as he's the only talking animal he knows

Occupation: Oliana’s personal guard/mount

Hobbies, Interests, Talents: Hanging out with his best friend

Greatest Fear: Losing Oliana, never amounting to anything

Associated Animal: Wolf… duh

Best Friend: Oliana (but he calls her Oli)

Relatives: ???

Backstory: Rescued and raised by Zolan from the time he was a pup

The End

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