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This is where I will post notes and extra details for my work The Bandit Queen, the link to which you can find in the "Author Guidance."
Warning: I will try to keep the spoilers within these notes to a minimum, at least for the first few pages, but if you'd like to read the story first, that'd be best.

Name: Oliana (OH-lee-AH-nuh), or (AH-lee-AH-nuh) is acceptable, barely...

Nickname: Oli

Role: Major Protagonist

Gender: Female

Race: Human

From: Veringrove Clan

Age: 17

Height: 5’6”

Build: Somewhat slender, small bust

Hair Color: Auburn

Hairstyle: Long, straight hair parted on the side with a small braid on one side that she can easily tuck behind her ear

Eye Color: Olive green

Clothes: Dark green hooded cloak over brown dress with slit between the legs that allows her to ride a mount with ease.  Dark brown tights underneath.  Dress is leather over torso with cloth skirt.  Leather portion is strung up in the front.  Wears a black ring with twin golden lion insignia.

Personality: Curious, emotional, naive, insecure, short-tempered

Other Distinguishing Characteristics: Holds on to the past, no matter how painful

Occupation: Chief of the Veringrove Clan

Hobbies, Interests, Talents: Loves to read

Greatest Fear: Failure, Loss

Associated Animal: Raven

Best Friend: Dechar

Relatives: Roth (brother), Zolan (father), Aasta (mother)

Backstory: Her mother died of disease when she was a young child.  Her father died more recently in her life, forcing her to take his position as chief of a secluded people.

The End

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