I ignored the teasing comments as I walked down the main school corridor and through the main entrance. Another day of boredom and jerks dealt with I thought. I pulled up my hoodie since it was spitting rain outside, the weather here was rarely nice.

“Zane!” I recognised the voice and kept walking. The last thing I wanted to do was deal with Gavin and his cronies. Unfortunately he had other ideas. I felt something small collide with my head and swore, my hand reaching up to cover the back of my head. I turned to glare at him and he laughed. I glanced down and saw the hand-sized stone he threw, no wonder it had hurt so much.

“Are you insane?” I said, kicking the stone in his direction. It completely missed of course, which he and his friends laughed at. I suppressed the urge to yell at them to stop it and turned to leave, hands shoved in my jean pockets. I'd gotten across the main street and into the small park opposite school when they made their move. In hindsight I shouldn't have been surprised, this was their usual move. I cursed as the biggest of Gavin's friends shoved me from behind. I stumbled but somehow managed not to fall over. I turned to tell them to leave me alone and winced. My breath left in a rush and pain throbbed to life. I clutched my stomach he friend has just punched.

“Too easy,” Gavin said. Proud like he'd been the one to do it. It was always his friends that did the fighting. He just stood there and watched with that annoying smirk on his face. His second friend leaned down in front of me as I pulled in a shuddering breath.

“Why don't you just fight back?” he asked with a mocking tone. Then he pushed me to the ground, managing what Gavin's tall friend failed to do. I scrambled to get up but it didn't stop the second friend from getting in a kick. I held my right arm and glared at them. Aware my clothes were covered with wet mud from the rain that kept growing steadily heavier. I could hear distant thunder, thankfully so did Gavin.

“We should head home,” he said with a sigh. He and his friends shoved past me.

“See you tomorrow Zane,” he called, his tone friendly. I let my shoulder slump and leaned against a nearby tree. Great, another day of teachers calling me dumb and bullies to look forward too.

The End

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