I knew it was easier to brush my hair when it was dry but, sadly, that was not an option. The process involved in drying my hair was far too time consuming, and besides, it would dry while I was outside anyway.

"Hey, Ellen, d'you want to come and brush my hair for me?" I shouted in the direction of my open bedroom door.

The answer I got was a squealing noise from downstairs.

Ellen was my little sister. She was six years old, short for her age and had gained a head of wild, flame red hair , seemingly from nowhere. Her favourite thing to do was anything I suggested because, for some reason unbeknownst to me, she seemed to think I was the best person on the planet.

She pulled the brush through my mounds of thick black hair as gently as she possibly could.

"Can we go on an adventure?"

"Well I'm going for a walk in the woods," I said. "You can come with me if you like."

Ellen agreed to this idea and rushed off to her room to get her 'magical defending ribbons'. On our way there, she explained that these would help us if we saw witches in the shadows and would show that we were friendly to the fairies who put the sparkles in the sunbeams which peeked through the trees.

She then gave me one of these ribbons and told me to tie it around myhead, amd I obliged.

At some point during our walk, my mum rang.

"Maggie, you've been out for three hours. Tea's nearly ready."

"Oh, sorry, lost track of time."

"I didn't say you could take Ellen out on a walk."

"You did say I could take Ellen out on a walk," I immediTely contradicted her.

There was a pause. "Alright then. Be back by five, okay?"

"Yep," I said. I did not know why my mother believed that blindingly obvious lie, but she always had believed my lies. It was weird and it didn't make me a very trustwrothy person, in all honesty.

Just as it started raining, Ellen squealed and pointed towards some forest undergrowth . She ran into the plants and I follwed her cautiously, curious as to what she had seen. Bits of plant were getting stuck in her hair.

"There's a door" she said, and gave it a tug. "It won't open. I think witches have magicked it shut."

It was quite amusing that she was deadly serious about this. She actually thought this was the logical reason.

"Oh really?" I questioned, searching the area around this mysterious door. It was built into what appeared to be a huge pile of brambles, but I guessed there must have been some sort of rock beneath.

I could tell Ellen was eager to explore, but there was no way I was letting her do that without knowing what was there myself. It looked dangerous and, having walked through the woods many times before, I was pretty sure there was a steep drop quite close to here.

"Um, I think we'll have to have to head off home now, Ellen. But I'll tell you what, but we'll come back next week and explore, okay?" I'd return before then and make sure it was safe enough.

Ellen'sface lit uo and she nodded vigorously, making water fly out of her now sopping hair.

The End

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