Taste Buds

The Four Types of Taste Buds

There are four categories of taste buds:

a) The bad taste buds don't care what they eat as long as they eat

b) The average taste buds, which aren't remotely interesting

c) The optimistic taste buds are the ones which appreciate good food, and dislike few things but dislike heartily. These taste buds tolerate a range of different foods, generally healthy, and are never at a loss in French restaurants. Food excites optimistic taste buds

d) The pessimistic taste buds belong to the fussy eaters, disliking many foods but nevertheless being able to detect subte differences in fishfinger brands. These taste buds can be biased towards eating very healthily, or very unhealthily, depending on the determination of the person and what foods they incline to during childhood. Oddly enough, these people usually make good cooks, though they prefer plain food devoid of any sauce of cream, which is simply disgusting. Is it me, or do pessimistic taste buds seem to take a hate at cheese (horrible stuff)?

The End

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