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Prue and I turned the TV on, hoping for some cartoons or something. But the news caught our eye. An entire house had burnt doen, but the structure, made of wood, was still standing, though it was charred and black.

"Holy Cow!" I said.

Prue laughed. "You think holy cows did that?"

I nodded. "Definately. Holy cows with wings."

"And claws."

"That breath fire!"

Prue and I fell back onto the couch, laughing our heads off.


As we strolled through the green, arm in arm, Prue and I were still laughing about that. We even said that they were sky blue with indigo blue spots, red wings, green claws, and white fire. Holy cows are awesome.

We ran into Nyree Palmer, eating a huge bag of popcorn.

"Hi Nyree." I said, smiling at her. Prue said the same.

"Hey guys! I talked my mom into buying me popcorn."

We laughed. "I see that, Nyree." I told her.

Prue nodded. "Well, see you later Nyree."

"Bye!" she said, and ran off to go join the other kids at the park.

Prue and I kept strolling, saying hi to people here and there, but mostly just enjoying the day. We bought lunch at Charli Greene's stand and stayed to talk for a while.

The End

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