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"So, I guess you heard what happened this morning," Ed said, sipping his coffee.

"Oh," I replied, slightly absent-minded. I was concentrating more on the aroma of the day's brew. Having so many responsibilities in this small town, though, gave me the ability to multi-task quite well. I knew what Ed was probably referring to, but gossip wasn't as juicy if the person you were telling already knew; thus, I played his game.

"That murderous boy, Tyler Hanson," Ed announced, "came into the coffee shop while Joshua Hastings was inside."

"He was never convicted," I said, trying to be fair to Tyler.

"Oh, I know that." Ed waved his hand to dismiss my rebuttal. "I don't think he did it anyway, but what nerve!"

I smiled, laughed a little and took a sip of coffee. After a few moments of silence, I said, "You know it bugs me."

Ed raised his eyebrows, eager to hear what I was going to say.

"I don't think he did it either," I continued, "but it seems like he wasn't trying very hard to clear his name. He was awfully quiet."

"Ah," Ed muttered, the sound carrying some edge to it. "Stupid kids! Let me knock some sense into them."

I laughed a little harder this time and had to place my coffee on the table so I wouldn't spill it. "I appreciate the offer, Ed, but you might just wanna stay away from anyone under thirty. I'd hate to have to throw you in jail."

We continued our sarcastic banter for a few minutes until Ed had to leave. I sat there for a while, not wanting to get back to work. Several minutes later, I sighed and stood up. There was just too much to do to get the town ready for the weekend. I didn't have the time to sit around all day.

The End

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