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I felt very embarrassed after bumping into the doctor like that. I also felt very nervous. The idea of having a coffee with him terrified me. But it felt rude to say no. Maybe I should have told him that I'm busy... No, no! I should get out there and socialize more...  I began an internal argument with myself, and was so engrossed that I almost walked past my shop. I put the key in the lock and twisted, the lucky charms on the ring jangling. I entered walked to my room, carefully dodging the cardboard boxes on the floor. After putting my journal away, I put my fingers to my mouth and whistled.

Oscar, my parrot, flew over to me and landed on my outstretched arm. I smiled at him.

"Joshua asked me to have a coffee with him? What do you think, yes or no?

"Yes or no! Yes or no!" Oscar bobbed his head up and down. I laughed and bobbed my head with him. Oscar was one of my few friends. For some reason, I found it much easier to talk to a parrot than a person.

I put Oscar down and refilled his dish with seeds. Then I went into the store to pack up the things I was taking to the stall. I had put it of until last minute. I felt that I had a lot of good finds this year.  I was particularly proud of one piece I had acquired. A man who had moved away a couple of months ago sold me a vase for about thirty dollars. But when I looked it up in the library, I found out that it was worth ten times that much. I was going to have to be extra careful with it

I lit an incense stick and put on a classical CD. They always relaxed me. As I started working, the bell on the store front rang and Cherry Dalton entered. She came to my shop a lot. I liked it when she dropped by, even though I didn't show it. However, her visits made me feel a bit self conscious.

"The shop is closed today. It reopens on Monday."

Cherry nodded cheerfully. "I know. I wanted to help you prepare for the fair."

"Oh. Um, thank you," I said, glad for an extra hand. We started putting stuff away, but after a while Cherry said she had to leave. I watched her as she walked away, deciding that a bit more socializing was a good idea after all. It was just a coffee, right?

The End

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