Nyree PalmerMature

I hurried to my mom, barely looking at the things in front of me. I was just looking at my feet.

Left , right, left, right. I was clumsy, so I had to focus on step after step. That was the only way for me not to fall.

My legs buckled and I fell. Fast. Right on top of Mrs. Jona, who fell on Mr. Curt, who fell on my mom.

Hey, it was like Dominoes.

I stood up and began helping Mrs. Jona and Mr. Curt. I was afraid they were going to die. Well, they were in their early 90's. And to me, that's old.

"Honey, why are you so clumsy?" mom laughed hysterically.

" Why, mom? You."

"Yeah, I forgot."

"How could you forget that you were clumsy and tripped over your own feet?"

"I don't know, but I did."

My mother was crazy. I guess that's where I got my craziness from.

I linked my arm with hers and began slowly leading us toward our home.

We passed the cafe, just as Tyler Hanson came out.

"Mom is that. . . Tyler Hanson?"

"Yes, let's move before he murders us."

She opened her hand and I gladly took it. I wanted to live a long healthy life, not a short 10 years.

Tyler Hanson was a murderer. There was no proof, but how did Mollie die? Him, that's what my mom told me to think. You could never be safe enough.

The End

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