Tall Wax

Just a random piece I wrote in half an hour. Tell me what you think! I know it is very detail oriented, but I am just trying to start up on a setting I have already prepared to help with a bigger story. Still working on my grammar! :D

"Fall in Commander Lednis!"The capital ship Looseless Imperative was a colony carrier in function. In form it was also an essential combat logistics asset,and now form mattered more than any other rational strategy. How ironic. They were going to die, provided they planned exactly how they were going to survive.Ever the eccentric tactician and brilliant strategist, Commander Lednis, in his 74meter long modular utility frigate, The Steady Truth, immediately incurred a highly complex series of maneuvers as the best way to purport a logistically critical alteration of physical rhetoric that exploited his support modules by integrating corrugations into his flight path, following the influence of certain fields known to him only as so-called "abstract multi-dimensional waves of intangible influence." So his engineers told him.

It was so wrong. It involved moving virtually an entire flight of ships into a stretched bubble that originated at the Looseless Imperative's bridge and expanded outwards toward the outer fluctuations of the capital ship's shields. That was almost a kilometer and a half of assimilated atmosphere, designed specifically to divert the barrage of plasma arcs and kinetic burst amplifiers barreling in on the civilian mother ship. With peripheral auxiliary drones assessing the numerous inconsistencies in the fleet's shield infrastructure, the fleet logistics group could convene on each others' collective support in front of the civilian ship. That wasn't supposed to happen.

The fleet should never have allowed for the incoherent matrix to manifest, and the drones should never have had to leave their standard ship orbitals. Concentrating the modules in front of the Looseless Imperative also accelerated the entire middle fleet forward, pushing everyone else back and isolating the multiple arc fractals conducting the combat group's weaponry. These fractals were generated using large drones that contained powerful magnetic induction reactors that exploited very cold substances called "condensates" by running different lasers through a gas of the substance and merely recording a photonic imprint of their particle tracks, or perhaps the whole conglomerate, and running the information through optic cables to the other side of the drone's interior. Another cloud of gas was shot with these lasers, and the two clouds immediately began generating currents of warm fluid in the drone's metal reactors, by inverting each others' behaviors. The reactors were cooled until they became superconducting, and the fluids cooling them began concentrating at the areas closest to the cloud chambers. By shining the same lasers from the cloud chambers through the middle of the reactor from opposite ends, a curious temperature matrix was formed in the metal walls, probably caused by particle collisions, which funneled the resulting fields onto a plane perpendicular to the cloud chambers' alignment. The core and its temperature matrix was stabilized by a thin gel in the cold fluid that separated once the agents in the fluid became gaseous. The gel was not polarized, but became extremely thin once it was heated to just over a hundred degrees below freezing. The matrix contains the fluid, which maintains the integrity of the fluids' electron configurations, which maintain the field generation created by the collision chamber, which maintains the temperature matrix, which repeats the cycle, whose purpose is to create the field funnels, which maintain the fractals essential to controlling the combat ships' plasma jets.

Without the fractals, the plasma would conform to the fleet shield infrastructure, damaging every ship in it. (Someone help me!!!!! D:)

The End

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