The Country Doctor

Sam grew up in a pleasant, white clapboard house on a sprawling farm in southern Virginia. His family was well respected in town and around the region as a line of good doctors, and thus he came from some money. There was, however, no large medical market in the area, as is common with populations that size. His father, although by far the richest man in town, was getting close to retiring. In his youth he had imagined that a historical property such as his would benefit from an easement, and so had bound himself to the upkeep of nearly a thousand acres of land and buildings in their old condition. 

These two factors combined left the family fortune looking perilously meek, and so the education of Sam and his two elder sisters was delegated to the "Damn state". Sam entered Edison High a year after his youngest sister had left it, and preformed poorly. He was naturally bright, however, and as such maintained decent grades by getting along well on tests.

Regardless of intelligence, senior year left him with an empty application, middling grades, and a position on the wait list for the local city college. After a generous donation by a certain Richard Paxet Hughes, Sam was accepted.

Close friends of the family have mentioned that it was around this time that the Hughes father- son relationship took a turn for the worse. Money was tight, and the Hughes had it in their bones to be doctors, argued Dad. Sam weakly protested on the grounds of disliking the occupation, and spent more and more time at Jill's, the bar in town.

By the end of summer '97, Sam had realized he wanted to be an anasthesiologist.

Characteristically, he muddled along his path. he didn't party hardest, and never really got into trouble, but the vice president of the school knew his name and so did every bar manager in the city. After an internship with a respected, aging doctor in his hometown, Sam proceeded to a residency in the city hospital.

By the second day of the residency, Sam had already begun failing to come to work on time. Although his coworkers noticed it, and a superior even tried to report the issue, no results came of his perpetual red- eyed incompetence.

The thing almost every person he knew then volunteered about him was how, one day in late January, Sam had come to the hospital with a black eye, three broken ribs, an arm in a sling, and a distinct limp. When asked, he usually seems to have mumbled something about falling down the stairs, and excused himself. Popular belief following the incident was that Sam had fallen in with the really bad crowd, and maybe had some debt, and that explains the red eyes.

Sam's father lost interest in donations to the hospital, and retired. 

For a week in late spring of '98, all sources reported a strange absence of the Hughes boy. The day before Sam reappeared, his father suffered a minor cardiac arrest in his home. Also- and there is little to prove any correlation- a string of break- ins that had plagued the city spiked during this time. 

Concerning the disappearance, Sam was severely reprimanded, but was allowed to stay in the program on probation. 

For the following few days, it seems Sam preformed well. 

Roughly 3 weeks after the incident, a woman with a newborn baby began screaming obscenities at him as Sam entered the site of a minor surgery. 4 days later, the patient he had drugged was dead from complications due to mixed medications. 

Richard Paxet Hughes was reported dead at 11:23 PM, July 7, from a heart attack. He had left 2 million dollars to his son, but the property and most of the fortune was bestowed upon Sam's sisters.

Sam settled out of court with the patient's family for 1.8 million dollars, left all his belongings, and paid in cash for a direct flight to Cabo. 



She named the child Aninut.

The End

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