A Very Poetical War Cry For Very Un-poetical Injustices

A collection of pieces written about the world and what it's really like to be intelligent and on the bottom wrung.

I believe that my intellect and sense of justice and honour has not been fully recognised, and upon reading my, you may believe me to be a snarky, uncouth miscreant. So before I am misconstrued further please if you are to do one thing for me; then read this missive. During my time at the Job centre, I have been witness to monstrosities and the virtuous alike and have reached a conclusion. There is more to the desolation and slavery to the benefit system than you are fed by those above. Where the prejudices you are given do have some merit (and I have seen those who fall into such roles freely,) I have also seen those that are aware of their chains and the injustices that have been done to them. Those are the people who do not conform to the belief that all jobseekers sit on the behinds and get fat off the state.

Where you might see drug addicts, I have seen intellectuals. Where you have seen delinquents, I have seen artists that long to shine. You should not make such sweeping judgements against us whilst preaching from the same bleak script with closed eyes. You will never understand the pain of mortgaging away your freedom. You do not understand the pain caused by looking on those who could see us casteless and thrown to the wolves; whilst you whine about your freedoms. I beg of you to open your eyes and see what is being done in your name!

Do you think we are so lacking in morals that we do not feel guilt? I no longer take the joy in each new day. Instead I do not want to be awake because in the depths of my soul I wish this a nightmare and a better world is reality. The thought of being a maggot to society sickens me. I do not wish to spend my existence clinging onto the last life line available. For months I avoided signing up to such an ill cast role. I wanted to believe the false hope I had been fed. I want a job. I need a job! Without one I cannot survive. Yet the matter was taken out of my hands and I was forced to swallow such a bitter pill to avoid persecution. I hate the benefit system and most likely, more than you do. I have seen it corrupt the hearts and minds of many and poison the souls of loved ones. There is nothing more that I’d like to see changed than the benefit system that now has me by the throat.

So I pose to you a simple question; can we as a country ever survive without the poor or the slavery?

I believe no. Instead the poor are made better and more comfortable with their designation, but never equal to those above. And the highest of all human taboos; slavery; is rebranded to the point where the masses no longer see it as slavery. There are companies who take advantage of these two constants that you see every day of your lives. Yet you have probably never noticed those darkest of horrors in the corner of your eyes.

So please, I beg of you one last time. Open your eyes before it is too late! We as a nation do not wish this world to become a mirror of the dystopian tomes that line the shelves in our bookshops. So remember this; a lie is never just a lie but a web of lies that once broken, can never be fixed.


Slavery is where the home is… not the heart.

The End

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