I find myself searching the hunting grounds, I could feel traces of Devons being all around this area it was hard to pin point where she was , but eventually I pick up a fresh track and follow it until I see a group of three woman. One I could see was Devon my heart went at ease when she spoke my name.

" Eric."  It was soft and she meant it to be a whisper but it could be heard in the wind.The girl that stood infront of her with dark red hair, lets her blade drop.

" What are you talking about?" 

" She meant him Sylvia." A girl with short blond hair points at me.

The girl turns around just as I disapear like dust in the wind and appear before Devon. I bet that Sylvia girl had a real look of surprise on her face right now.  Devon looked so different than the last time I saw her but it all didn't matter after a year of doing horrible things too see her I finally see her face to face. I grab her by the waist and pull her closer to me. I could see a small amount of fear on her face probably because of my also changed appearance, I probably looked like a servan of evil. That what I was, I might still be. I will do anything in my power not to be though.

"Its been to long." I whisper in her ear.

Then I press my lips agianst hers.It felt so good, I didn't want it to end. It only last a fem more second  as a hilt digs into my side. I let go.

" What are you doing?" The girl behind me asks, slightly angered. I turn around quickly my hand gripping the hilt of my blade on my back.  Flames light my eyes.

" Doing what I should have done before Devon left the land of the living." I reply.

The End

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