Train meMature


"Can you train me?" I ask. She looks shocked. "I mean you seem to know about it so can you teach me"

Sylvia smiles. "You're on girl, first lesson"

She pulls out her sword and swings it so quick I only have seconds to react. Luckily the sword jumps into my hands and deflects the blow. Although I do have to bare my teeth from the pain that echo's through my wrists.

"Simple swings" She moves to stand next to me and shows me simple swings. I practice one.

"Again" she says. I do it again, then again, then again. In fact I continue for a while until Sylvia is happy.

"Blocks, I swing like this" she demonstrates. "You block like this. Now, lets try it out"

I notice Sakura has sat down and is watching.

"Um, I'm glad you're teaching me some sword manoveres but from the way you reacted I thought you meant something more" I mumble.

"I did, but to channel the light energy it possess you have to know some sword defensives.... thats the form it chose" she says shrugging. "Now consentrate. I'm the teacher, you the student"

But i spot something behind her and freeze.

"Eric" I whisper but I feel like my voice echos through out the world for all that simple name means to me.

The End

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