I was whistling, watching for movement on the flat plains that surrounded me. My hand, as always, was resting on the hilt of my sword. The whistle died away from my lips. Two people, if people they were, stood not far away.

Quietly, I crept from behind. "Who are you?" I asked. They both spun around, and I grinned. "Sakura, long time no see."

"What are you doing here?" she hissed, glaring at me.

"What do you mean by that? Why am I here in particular? Or why am I free?" Her eyes tightened, and she remained quiet. I sighed dramatically, flipping my dark red hair over my shoulder. "It's no fun if you don't answer me."

"Who are you?" the other girl asked timidly.

"My name? Or do you mean, who are you in the sense of my motives and intentions in this world?"

"Sylvia is her name." Sakura said. I gave another sigh, and shook my head, lowering my bright blue eyes.

"Now, who are you?"

"Devon." came the reply. Suddenly I noticed something. Her sword. I ground my teeth. She shouldn't have been carrying it. It wasn't worth such a weakling as her.

"Devon... Funny that you should be carrying such a sword." I drew my own. "Care to have a friendly competition?"

"No." Sakura growled. "Sylvia, you know you'll get hurt. Devon would too. She's never carried a weapon before."

I sighed. "One of you owe me a good fight, now." I sheathed my sword. "So for now, I think I will stick with you. Something important is bound to happen to someone carrying a starlight sword who doesn't even know how to use it."

The End

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