I finished the service with a simple blessing, asking the congregation to pray for those who were needy and to try to live out the love of the Lord in their lives.
I sometimes felt a bit of a hypocrite, seeing as I spent so little time worrying about the poor of this world, but given the suffering I have seen in the immortals' realm, I find little shame in this.
Having seen the last people out of the church, I retired to the safety of my cell, and prepared to enter a meditative trance: surrounded by incense burners, and with brother Ethel promisingto awake me if I did not return within the hour, I slipped my hood over my head, and left the mortal world.

Immediately upon my arrival, I knew that something big had happened. There was an large congregation of souls around the arena, but nothing within. I had just missed a fight evidently.
Wandering through the empty, battle scarred pit that just minuets ago seen combat, I suddenly felt a lingering presence, one I had not felt in years. Eric had been here! Conflicting emotions suddenly caught me. Joy: I had found him at last! No wonder my old life had yielded no clues, in here, there was no evidence that could persuade a grieving loved one, and no one left fingerprints. But also sadness, pity, the crushing sorrow of loss: here, he would likely stay for eternity, and if he was fighting, he would suffer agonising pains at the hands of his owner.

I had seen enough. Reciting a short reversal hymn, I felt the pull of the mortal world, and opened my eyes to see brother Ethel just walking in to wake me.
Time passed differently on the other side, sometimes faster, sometimes slower. What had felt like ten or twenty minutes, the good brother assured me had taken me over an hour to complete.

The End

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