Z- Death is FunMature

      I Sat on my Throne in the Middle of the wasteland, nothing around me, just me and my Throne. I grinned as I pictured the magnificent castle that was to surround  my Throne, made from the bones of all the humans i planned on killing. 

    Then  one of my Lesser familers appeared out of Nowhere

"Jeffery, What do you want" I said glaring at the Demon

"My Dark Lord! A New batch of humans is coming shortly" He said in his Implike Lisp

"Excellent...Grab my Guns for me" I said with a devilish grin growing on my face.

"Already have my dark master" Said Jeffery brandishing my Guns for me.

I grabbed them from his clawlike fingers then created a Corridor for me to Pass though. I turned and Looked at Jeffery. 

"When i Return i want my baby spit polished" I said to him refering to my throne

"Yes My Shadowlike-Leige." he said 

I turned into the corridor and opened into a Dark Pit full of Crying humans. What annoying sounds they make. I aimed my right gun directly at a crying human sitting in the corner. 

"Asta La Vista.." I said grinning as I pulled the trigger and let a Black bullet Fly from my gun and Strike him In the temple.

 All  the humans Screamed as he toppled  over.

"Welcome To Hell, I am Z. And you humans are my new coffie table" I yelled towards the humans as i Cocked my gun and loaded another bullet in.

The End

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