Eric: cutting the strings. Suffering the consequencesMature

" You can tell.." I cut him short.

" It doesn't matter just tell me where!" I growl.

" The hunting grounds your masters plain." He gasps , I pull him out of the rubbel completly.

" I don't care why you where on my plains. Thank you so much!" A grin growing on my face.

" I hope you don't mean here ill." He says.

" No never would I wish ill on Devon." I say. 

" So thats her...."  He is cut short as both of our master slam into the ground. 

Luckily there was no conversation, and Felix opened a portal back to our plain. He sits comfortablly in his chair. I don't let him begin the convesation.

" You said I could see Devon after this. I won the battle."  I say knowing this time full well that whatever his answere was I was going to see Devon unless I die. Yeah he can kill me.

" Well aren't you the eager one  but however...."

My blade is in my hand, and flames are once agian consuming any metal on me. 

" You promised me one to many times and no reward. I refuse to work for you!"  I say holding my sword point at him strongly.

" Little servant don't disobey me!" He says flames consuming his form and he grew another 5 feet to show that he is much stronger than I. He waves a hand and I fly across his half a mile hall flames chasing after me. I roll to the left avoiding the flames. This was going to hurt but I was sure I could leave alive. Metal spikes slice across the hall and then the immortal appears above me. I swing up hitting him with a mass of solid flames which gives me time to summon a circle of spikes that he will land on and get impaled on. Its works but really to the extent to piss him off. He slams  his fist down in me which I only hold up with my sword. I begin to lower to the ground he lifts his fist up. I roll to the side to dodge it but get sent across the hall.

I roll onto my feet , and  flames gather around me. It might beone of his powers but I think I can get a decent hit on his head I will have hurt him.  I focus all the flames onto my blade and see the immortal rush towards me. I run forwards and jump up to his head and slice down. I great explosion of flames blows me backwards but I'm able to land feet first but in attempt to stay balanced in a slide I kneel, until I stop sliding. His hall was partly destroyed. The smoke clears I see the great immortal holding his left side of his head, he was bleeding a black coloured blood which seemed to warp the world.  I have never seen an major immortal bleed.

I smile happily but realize the fight wasn't over. He forces his hand forwards and I seem to be held against the wall. My lungs being crushed.  My sword drops to the ground.

" You want to see your love, badly enough to disobey me.  I should crush you to nothingness but your to important in my plans to kill. I can't give you what you want , I shouldn't give you. I can't kill you. Punishment!"  My body is flung agianst the floor then I'm thrown into a flameing pillar. I smash through and slide across the floor. I get up but I have no defence agianst this. I'm thrown through the cieling. He hits me with a flame. I hit the ground. I feel a tug on my ankly and I slice down on it.  I feel pain from doing so but yet the Immortal seems to have less control over me. I begin to run the demon opens a fist and seems to grab at me. hide behind a pillar and it seems shatter for what seems to be no reason. Must be like an extension of an arm I can't see. I run out the doors of the throne room.

This may not last forever but I can't wait anylonger i must see Devon.

The End

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