"I am blind yet I see all, thou art seeing yet thy eyes are blind to the world. If I speaketh lies to thee then how is it all my wonderings be true? Cursed I am for all my days, my words be cast aside like childs play, what shall destiny have of thee, come to me and thou shall see."

My unseeing eyes fell upon what I had been seeking. Before me lay the ancient Temple, a humble cave with a simple bed of rock made of sandstone.

I blindly moved my hands along the smooth, cool surface and a flash of images flooded my mind, incoherent and yet clear as day. I scrunched up my sunken lids and sat down, leaning heavily on my simple wooden staff.

"why cursed am I to see this pair and their sufferings? Why be I so cursed that thy troubles should trouble me?"

A feeling of death and pain filled my senses. I could hear ethereal movement nearby.

"Begone demon!" I cried, "begone from His tomb!" I sensed the monsters retreat. I raised my hands and knew a blinding light to be filling the room. I could not see beyond this death, my vision was hindered but I was far from powerless, "many centuries spent I in my ambitous power, my souls festering in the planes of Hades, now I am returned in this glorious state, I say BEGONE!"

The Demon shrank in my angelic light and the sense of danger was appeased.

The End

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