The sword was quite light but.... "I can't go... I.... I think Eric's still down here" I stutter.

I don't know where that came from but I can feel it.

"Whose- Never mind. You'll need to stop shining like a light bulb you know" Sakura says.

I look down at myself. The soft light to my skin is brighter slightly just enough for my skin to glow and give off some light in this darkness.

"Its probably the sword" Sakura says. She pulls out a sheath for it and hands it over. I buckle it round my waist and slide the sword into it.

Then it seems glued to my hip. "Why does it feel like its attached to me?" I ask.

"Cause it is until your whole being is dead........ or you turn evil" Sakura says shrugging.

I look down at the sword. It's not heavy as I expect it to be. Although the blade isn't that thick and wide...... although it looks very lethal.

I shiver. Me...... carrying a lethal weapon, everyone would have found that funny. Especcially Eric.

I choke back a sob and Sakura turns to look at me. "No need to be scared..... that sword protects you" she says.

"What do you-" I begin but I don't get chance to finish.

She unsheath her sword and is swinging it in an arc at me. Its like my hand goes on auto pilot cause the sword is suddenly in my hand blocking Sakura's arc.

But the force of her swing hurts my arms and I wince. She lowers her sword.

"Thats what I mean" she says smiling, then she notices my look of pain. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah.... just not use to such force and weight of your sword" I say rubbing my wrists and sheathing my sword.

I just called it mine...... I have a weapon. I look down at it. "We better get going" Sakura says looking up.

The End

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